Monday, November 23, 2015

How to uppercase string in linux command line

Presume you have a text:

and you need to convert test to upper case by smth in OS

1) Wrap text with "tr [a-z] [A-Z]<<EOF" and "EOF" at top and bottom respectively and copy to terminal.

tr [a-z] [A-Z]<<EOF


go to browser and do search for any online service that do uppercase: 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Software Quality Award comment for Checkstyle

ATTENTION: non of following should be treated as appellation or demand to reconsider review of Checkstyle project in Award. This post is targeted only to contributors who asking why Checkstyle missed so obvious points.

> 83K Java LoC, 553K HoC

suseika/inflectible (5K LoC, 36K HoC) - winner
testinfected/molecule     (10K LoC, 43K HoC)
coala-analyzer/coala      (14K LoC, 160K HoC)
xvik/guice-persist-orient (17K LoC, 54K HoC)
raphw/byte-buddy      (84K LoC, 503K HoC)
citiususc/hipster   (5K LoC, 64K HoC)

checkstyle/checkstyle (83K LoC, 553K HoC)
kaitoy/pcap4j         (42K LoC, 122K HoC)

we are second biggest project in Final. But we are the oldest projects, we are almost 15 years old. That point will explain some design problems below.

> There are many ER-ending classes, like SeverityLevelCounter, Filter, and AbstractLoader (for example), which are anti-patterns.

That is controversial anti-pattern and I will explain why there is no damage this in separate post. No comments for this point, it is just philosophy of Award owner. 

> There is a whole bunch of utility classes, which are definitely a bad thing in OOP. They are even groupped into a special utils package, such a terrible idea.

Utility is good as it is stateless realization of algorithms. Mismatch of design philosophy between Author and us.

> Setters and getters are everywhere, together with immutable classes, which really are not an OOP thing, for example DetectorOptions.

Yes, that is effect of 15 years old project and numerous existing Checkstyle's integration and extensions that already exists in this world. We can not changes this - it will be huge compatibility damage. Nobody will benefit from such update. But we will already in progress to make Checkstyle more immutable.
Attention: getter/setter is very controversial anti-pattern (mutability is a concern, but there is not problem in naming), I will explain this in separate post.

> NULL is actively used, in many places — it's a serious anti-pattern

Yes, that problems comes from core Checkstyle - ANTLR2 parser.

> I've found five .java files with over 1000 lines in each of them, for example 2500+ in

Yes, and we do this on good reason. First of all is in test ares, secondly it is generated :).
There are exceptions in rule for big files:
2) UTs are also in exclusion, as it is easier to find from class --> and not puzzle what  mean (and how author decide when test should go second test file). So it is OK.

> There are direct commits to master made by different contributors and some of them are not linked back to any tickets. It's impossible to understand why they were made. Look at this for example: 7c50922. Was there a discussion involved? Who made a decision? Not clear at all.

Such commit is mine :). But we do have strict control of commit message, we are even more fanatic than all other projects. Whole idea is described - . There is no problem with direct commits, especially from the most experienced owners of it (see all details in wiki link).

Releases are not documented at all.

It is first time I see that somebody pay attention to , we do have Release Notes in human friendly way on our main HTML site -  (it is not a list of commits !!!! users do not need commits!!! )

> Release procedure is not automated. At least I didn't find any release script in the repository.

It is automated and done by standard maven procedure "mvn release" no need for special shell file and we are multi-OS project (Linux, Windows, MacOS). 
Release is not a binaries copy to artifact repository!  Here is detailed instructions on how to make a release - with all details of how systems should be prepared and what should be updated after version bump. But I agree, I would be happy to automate it. For now it does not make sense to spend time on difficult automation, if we release ones a month.


some quotes from Award page:
I'm a big fan of object-oriented programming in its purest form
Strict and visible principles of design.

We participated in Pure OOP contest. I do not share fanatic following of pure OOP designs, I am more in favor of changes to be more functional. Any re-factoring in favor of OOP is not possible without braking compatibility with plugins/extensions.
So 7th place is very good.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Code coverage could help to detect dead or extra code

Code coverage could for help detect dead code or useless conditions, see example at

No way to reproduce in UT it mean that code is dead or useless.

Interesting automation for dead code removal base on code coverage (Guantamo project) - 

How to cache maven local repo between Travis builds

caching is allowed only for private repos or public repos that use "Using container-based infrastructure".

1. instruct travis to use "container-based infrastructure"
2. instruct travis what folder you need to cache

Official documentation:

Results: that caching speedup build on ~3-4 minutes for each jdk.


Oracle jobs creation and logging activation

create job , configure logging and enable it:

   job_name           =>  'TEST_SCHEDULED_JOB',
   job_type           =>  'PLSQL_BLOCK',
   job_action         =>  'BEGIN select * from  myschema.mytable; END;',
   start_date         =>  TO_DATE('14/01/2015,12:00 AM', 'DD/MM/YYYY,HH:MI AM'),
   repeat_interval    =>  'FREQ=HOURLY; INTERVAL=4',
   end_date           =>  null,
   job_class          =>  'DEFAULT_JOB_CLASS',
   comments           =>  'detection and notification of ORA- errors in log files.  Notify admins');



Check that job scheduled correctly:

select last_start_date, next_run_date 
where job_name = 'BOD_CHANGE_SYSDATE' ; 

after testing drop a job :

 DBMS_SCHEDULER.drop_job (job_name => 'TEST_SCHEDULED_JOB');

Filter logback events by time


<appender name="STDOUT" class="ch.qos.logback.core.ConsoleAppender">
<!-- perform more precise filtering, you can suppress particular messages here -->
<filter class="ch.qos.logback.core.filter.EvaluatorFilter">

     java.util.Calendar cal = java.util.Calendar.getInstance(java.util.TimeZone.getDefault());
     int hour = cal.get(java.util.Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY); //HOUR_OF_DAY is required for 24h format
if (hour > 14) {
return false;

return true;
<OnMatch>NEUTRAL</OnMatch> <!-- we may want to add more filters later -->


Oracle SQL to show all columns for all tables in particular schema

Oracle SQL to show all columns for all tables in particular schema:

SELECT   table_name, SUBSTR (MAX (all_columns), 2) all_columns
       FROM (SELECT     table_name,
                        SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH (column_name, ',') all_columns
                   FROM (SELECT table_name, column_name,
                                ROW_NUMBER () OVER (PARTITION BY table_name ORDER BY column_id)
                           FROM all_tab_columns c
                          WHERE c.owner = 'YOUR_SCHEMA'
                            --AND column_name NOT IN ('OLD_', 'DEP_')
             CONNECT BY PRIOR table_name = table_name
                    AND PRIOR column_no = column_no - 1
             START WITH column_no = 1)
   GROUP BY table_name;

output is like:

Salted Password Hashing

Custom PMD Rule creation

based on PMD 5.4, following XML should be just copied to pmd configuration file

This rule is extension to ShortVariable with update to skip validation of methods with Override annotation

<rule name="CustomShortVariable"
message="Avoid variables with short names that shorter than 2 symbols: {0}"
Fields, local variables, or parameter names that are very short are not helpful to the reader.
<property name="xpath">
//VariableDeclaratorId[string-length(@Image) < 2]
[not(../../VariableDeclarator and ../../../LocalVariableDeclaration and ../../../../ForStatement)]
[not((ancestor::FormalParameter) and (ancestor::TryStatement))]
[not(ancestor::ClassOrInterfaceDeclaration[//MarkerAnnotation/Name[pmd-java:typeof(@Image, 'java.lang.Override', 'Override')]])]

Friday, October 2, 2015

Execution of command right after process is finished in bash

Task : you have one java process running and it run for long time and you need to execute smth right after it is finished.

First of all, get details of running job:

[user@myserver ~]$ jps -vm
32632 Jps -vm -Dapplication.home=/opt/jdk1.8.0_45 -Xms8m
16364 Shell --home /var/jenkins/jobs/validator --processor com.mycompany.Validator -Xmx1024m 

[user@myserver ~]$ jps -vm | grep Validator
16364 Shell --home /var/jenkins/jobs/validator --processor com.mycompany.Validator -Xmx1024m 

Now you want to get time when it was finished:
[user@myserver ~]$ 
while [[ `jps -vm | grep Validator | wc -l` != 0 ]]; do sleep 60; done; echo "finished at `date`"

Instead of "echo "finished at `date`"" you can put any other command, 60 seconds waiting was ok for my task.

Instead of "jps -vm" you can use "ps -ax" or whatever you like to grab process id or process details.
On SunOS "ps -Af".

FYI, to do smth and send email:
JOB="my-job" && while [[ $(jps -vm | grep $JOB | wc -l) != 0 ]]; do sleep 60; done; echo "echo smth valuable" ; echo "" | mailx -s "mailx: $JOB is finished and do_smth_valuable is done",


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Checkstyle integration to platformt

from Michael Bernstein:

We opened up the platform and invited developers to make "engines" that run on it - basically small wrappers around existing static analysis tools
checkstyle was one of the first that someone contributed
It's a small groovy script, basically - you can see it here
We think that this is a really awesome thing for people who work on tools like you do
Because it's a new way for people to use it - we run analysis for free for all OSS repos
cool, let me see
Basically you add your repo to codeclimate
And add a .codeclimate.yml to your repo
where I can reed more about your platform that allow to run custom analysers
Overview of the platform is here:
Blog post about how to build engines is here:
please share examples of .codeclimate.yml
Let me know if you get a chance to check it out

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thunderbird setup to work like Outlook

1. Categories

Coloring is done base on Thunderbird Tags. To sync tags from Zimbra to local Thunderbir just create the same name tag and color in Zimbra and Thunderbird and update remote filters to mark by tags on Zimbra only. 
      To make zimbra tags displayed in Thunderbird, just name is with the same names as in your /home/USER/.thunderbird/xxxxxx.default/prefs.js file. 
2. Remove blockquoters/ Getting rid of colored quote bars...
File: create file if not exist "~/.thunderbird/XXXXXXX.default/chrome/userContent.css"
blockquote[type=cite] {
  padding-bottom: 0 !important;
  padding-top: 0 !important;
  padding-left: 0 !important;
  border-left: none !important;
  border-right: none !important;
3. Read status
Menu Edit/Preferences , tab Advanced/Reading & Display. Uncheck "Automatically mark message as read".
Thunderbird Tags are located at /home/USER/.thunderbird/xxxxxx.default/prefs.js , example:
4. Set Cursor position to top after Reply
Edit->Prefernces->Advanced->General, and click on "Config Editor".
mail.identity.default.reply_on_top = 1
5. No sorting by click over column name
Adjust in all folders: mail have to sorted by date - the most recent on top.
Disable change of sorting: This is useful then you have new mail at the top on the table, and occasional click harm sorting by date.

6. Reply format like in Outlook
Install SmartTemplate4 addon.
HTML Template for new Mail:
<font face="Verdana" style="font-size:14px">Hello ,
XXXXX, XXXXX.</font>

HTML for reply:
<div style="font-family:Verdana; font-size:14px">
<div><b>From:</b> %from%</div>
<div><b>Sent:</b>%X:=sent% %A%, %B% %d%, %Y% %l%:%M%%p(3)%</div><div><b>To:</b> %to%</div>
<div><b>CC:</b> %cc%</div>
<div><b>Subject:</b> %subject%</div>
<font face="Verdana" style="font-size:14px">Hello %from(name)%,

HTML Template forward:
<div style="font-family:Verdana; font-size:14px">
<div><b>From:</b> %from%</div>
<div><b>Sent:</b> %date%</div>
<div><b>To:</b> %to%</div>
<div><b>CC:</b> %cc%</div>
<div><b>Subject:</b> %subject%</div>
<font face="Verdana" style="font-size:14px">Hello ,
7. Spell checkers 
Menu Tools/Add-ons, search and install:
"United States English Dictionary"
"Russian spelling dictionary"

8. Calendar + Tasks
For version 3.0.8 Thunderbird (in Ubuntu 10.04) the old version of plugin is needed: to get it from Ubuntu repository or 
9. Google Calendar
Install Lightning addon first from Tool>Addons menu item. For 64 bit use this link.
10. MS Exchange Private Calendar
Addon "Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider" (I used "Version 3.2.0-Beta7" from "Other versions" for TB 17 - works fine):
 Set up process:
Switch to calendar tab in Thunderbird. In the list of calendars do right click and select "New calendar", select "On the Network", select "Microsoft Exchange", and put into Location field
"https://DOMAIN\". Please replace "rivanov" with your account name.

11. Update Inbox sub-folders during Imap sync
mail that are moved by MS exchange to subfolders by Exchange filters are not downloaded to Thunderbird automatically.
To resolve this:  Please look at attached image. There is Properties window of folder. Please check "When getting new messages .....".
Another way to automatically check for new messages in other folders: Under Tools > Options > Advanced, click the Config Editor button and setmail.server.default.check_all_folders_for_new to true

12. Activate Quick Filter Bar
Activate it in main Menu: View - Toolbar - Quick Filter Bar
13. For advanced mail filtering at server side
There is no ability to Exchange to let Thunderbird show mail with Star or Tag - I found only one way is by Priority of mail.
To show priority column as image in Thunderbird install addon "Enhanced Priority Display", and adjust filter at OWA to change priority as required. On Thunderbird you need show priority column manually.
For example, It can be applied for error messages from Jenkins, that contains your name.

14. To apply filters to mails in sub-folders
To make filtering works for subfolders: create a new string preference "mail.server.default.applyIncomingFilters" to "true". Even if it seems odd, do NOT create a boolean setting, it has to be a STRING setting with the value "true".
But note, that you should setup your filters in a special way: the most greedy filters should be placed under the less greedy ones.
Example: 'All Git messages' filter (which is used to move GIT msgs to 'GIT' folder) is more greedy than filters for Git messages coloring, so filters for coloring should be placed upper than 'All Git messages' filter:

15. Send messages in HTML only
Go to Edit > Preferences > Composition > Send Options... > Text Format and select 'Send message in HTML anyway'

16. Open links in non default browser
It useful sometimes to separate some pages and general search tabs in different browsers, Thunderbird have ability to ask how to open links from mails with dialog "Open with".
set in Edit > Preferences> Advanced tab > "Configure Editor" (source of wizdom)
network.protocol-handler.warn-external.https = true
17. 'Colored Diff' for ease view of code changes mails at git.

18. Highlighted Java code just like in your code editor.

19. Change order of the accounts.
user_pref("mail.accountmanager.defaultaccount""account4"); <--- First should be default

20. 24h time format
Append to the file ~/.profile follow string:
export LC_TIME=ru_RU.utf8
Restart your computer or lightdm.