Sunday, March 31, 2013

NoMachine installation to connect Ubuntu 12.04

It is FREE, but looks like limited for 2 user to be able to connect, link:
...A complete solution for remote access to your Linux or Solaris workstation. It allows 2 users to connect at the same time no matter what their location is, and share the desktop.
NX Small Business Server - allow up to 10 sessions.

Install ssh server (without this you will failed to connect to 22 port):
sudo apt-get install ssh

Install node and server packages:

Adjust server to work with Unity:

restart NX server:
sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --restart

Install on Windows client version of nx-clinet:

Select Desktop = "Unix / Gnome" to connect to Ubuntu.
Login - is user name from target PC

Attention: to access you existing session (like in VNC), select Select Desktop = "Shadow" and during login you will get list of sessions to join, select first session where Session name = "Local display" and Dispaly="0". Row with Dispaly="1001" will open new session.

RDP connection from Windows to Ubuntu 12.04


That connection create only new connections to PC, no way to connect to existing session.

unfortunately did not worked for me as screen after login is empty.
Here is advise how to fix that problem, see two last comments of "".

It works, but ! if you try to launch FireFox or Chrom from that session, Firefox will fail to launch if it existing in different session, Chrome launched in new session and disappeared (it appear in my real session at laptop).

So that behavior is not appropriate, failed to fix, fed up ... .

Desktop sharing in Ubuntu 12.04

by default in Ubuntu there is a desktop sharing feature: "Desktop sharing" (howto use)

Attention: as soon as you login to target PC, that PC will be unlocked as VNC does not create new session and if you screen is not switched OFF, smb close that PC will see all what you are doing.
Good comparison of VNC services - from Ubuntu, according to that page tightvnc create new session.

"Desktop sharing" but it did not work out-of-the-box for me as all should be, ubuntu 12.04 x64.

Reason was in that vnc vino server is not started and not occupied 59000 port.
>> sudo apt-get install nmap
>> nmap localhost | grep vnc

Output should be like:

5800/tcp open  vnc-http
5900/tcp open  vnc

if there is not "vnc", launch it by:

In my case I used TightVNC client from my Windows PC.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Problem with development-master git workflow

If you have development-master git workflow and you have hotfixes to master that were cherry-picked to development - then you need to merge all to master back - you will not have Fast-forward merge (so you loose commit/comment/tag history).

To keep history you need rollback to common point in time, and to merge from that point, and to preserve hot-fix history you need "merge -s ours":

# backup for master in special branch
git fetch -p
git checkout -b release_1_3
git push origin release_1_3
# reset master to common commit with development 
git checkout master 
git reset b666156da5d1756ddfe7123ed4f1688f9c69cf6a --hard
git push --force
git clean -fd
# fast forward merge with development
git merge development 
git push

#do fake merge merge to keep hotfixes in history of master "-s ours"
git merge -s ours release_1_3

#drop temporal branch
git branch -D release_1_3
git push origin :release_1_3

Saturday, March 16, 2013

XChat integration with Unity

there is a way to add xchat icon in the Unity top panel, so when you hit X it minimizes there. By default it will disappear and you will not be able to activate it.

Launch "dconf-editor" , navigate to desktop.unity.panel in tree edit "systray-whitelist" to put 'xchat' to list.

you also need integration with Unity : sudo apt-get install xchat-indicator

To have notifications: do right click on channel, menu "Extra Allerts", and select all sub menus ("Beep on message", "Blink Tray Icon", "Blink Task Bar"). You will see blinking messages at icon that you allowed in dconf-editor.

Hint: to rejoin to few channel on startup, you need to join that channel and then in left tree of channels by means of right click add them to Favorite.