Sunday, March 31, 2013

Desktop sharing in Ubuntu 12.04

by default in Ubuntu there is a desktop sharing feature: "Desktop sharing" (howto use)

Attention: as soon as you login to target PC, that PC will be unlocked as VNC does not create new session and if you screen is not switched OFF, smb close that PC will see all what you are doing.
Good comparison of VNC services - from Ubuntu, according to that page tightvnc create new session.

"Desktop sharing" but it did not work out-of-the-box for me as all should be, ubuntu 12.04 x64.

Reason was in that vnc vino server is not started and not occupied 59000 port.
>> sudo apt-get install nmap
>> nmap localhost | grep vnc

Output should be like:

5800/tcp open  vnc-http
5900/tcp open  vnc

if there is not "vnc", launch it by:

In my case I used TightVNC client from my Windows PC.

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