Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sql Developer installation tuning and tips

Install SQLDeveloper
1 Unzip sqldeveloper-3.X.X.XX.XX-no-jre.zip to folder ~/java/

2 Provide path to JRE

mkdir ~/.sqldeveloper/
echo "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/" > ~/.sqldeveloper/jdk
run SQLDeveloper from the shell

cd ~/java/sqldeveloper && chmod ogu+x sqldeveloper.sh && ./sqldeveloper.sh
3 Import connections to DBs.

Right click over "Connections" root node in Connections view - "Import Connections". 2 RI: Please add latest connections config here

 Connections file is here: https://wiki.reveredata.com/confluence/download/attachments/12484647/SqlDeveloper_Det2Connections.xml

Configuration of SQLDeveloper:

0) If you have problems with rendering please change Theme to "Classic 10.1.3" in  Tools/Preferences ... Environment.

1) Change auto formatting in SQL Developer - menu tools/preferences in tree "code editor/Completion Insight"
unselect "Change case as you type"

2) Tools/Preferences ...in tree Databases/NLS  property "Date Format" make as "YYYY-MM-DD" and update other date-time formats too by this.

3). install third-party Driver, for example MySQL goodlink, MSSQL goodlink2,
Download driver MySQL site.
Download MSSQL driver:  JTDS site
All drivers: list.
 Tools:Preferences menu, Database -> Third Party JDBC Driver .

Viewing Multiple Tables

You can have tabs open for more than one table. Just click the Freeze View button (it looks like a push pin) when you are viewing a table; and when you click to display another table, the tab for the first table will remain open.

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