Sunday, October 21, 2012

Turn off sound in Krusader on delete operations in Ubuntu

Sounds are not configured in Krusader, but in common KDE settigns. To manage them install KDE system settings, source:

sudo apt-get install system-settings

Launch system-settings from terminal, and navigate to KDE Workspace settings.
Remove "Play sound" selection from event:


  1. E: Unable to locate package system-settings

    seems like package name was changed

  2. new name is ubuntu-system-settings

  3. > ubuntu-system-settings

    it not the same, it will install ubuntu phone system settings (with flight mode turn on/off :) )


    Looks like "sudo apt-get install systemsettings" suppose to install KDE system settigns, but when I run them (after installation) by "systemsettings5" it shows only "desktop behavior" icon.

  4. new link to krusader FAQ for sound - , but I do not know how to install "KDE Control Center" in ubuntu.