Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gitolite - permissions examples

Attention: Gitolite version 2.
Deny permission completely(no access for clone) for user @trial user group, all other full access:

@trial  = denis

repo    my_repo
   - =   @trial
   RW+  =   @all
   config gitolite-options.deny-repo = 1

Give user Jenkins permission only for Read/Fetch/Clone, all other full access:

repo    my_repo
   R    =   jenkins
   -    =   jenkins
   RW+  =   @all

Forbid "git push --force" for 'master' branch only to avoid repository history damage, all other branches could be rewinded ('--force'):

repo    my_repo
   RW  master  = @all
   -   master  = @all
   RW+         = @all

Examples: site1, site2,

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