Friday, February 8, 2013

Filter out all Oracle system schema from SqlDeveloper

grep "<h2" known_schemas.html | cut -d '<' -f 2 | cut -d '>' -f 2
+ few schemas see at tail of list (link).

#!/usr/bin/env groovy

def stringList = [ "anonymous", "apex_public_user", "apex_030200", "appqossys", "bi", "ctxsys", "dbsnmp", "dip", "dmsys", "exfsys", "flows_XXXXXX", "hr", "ix", "lbacsys", "mddata", "mdsys", "mgmt_view", "odm", "odm_mtr", "oe", "olapsys", "oracle_ocm", "orddata", "ordplugins", "ordsys", "outln", "pm", "scott", "sh", "si_informtn_schema", "spatial_csw_admin_usr", "spatial_wfs_admin_usr", "sys", "sysman", "system", "tracesrv", "mtssys", "oaspublic", "olapsys", "owbsys", "owbsys_audit", "websys", "wk_proxy", "wksys", "wk_test", "wmsys", "xdb", "OSE\$HTTP\$ADMIN", "AURORA\$JIS\$UTILITY\$", "AURORA\$ORB\$UNAUTHENTICATED", "XS$NULL", "TRACESVR", "PERFSTAT" ];
stringList.each() { print """          <hash>
            <value n="ARG_CASE" v="false"/>
            <value n="ARG_NAME" v="USERNAME"/>
            <value n="ARG_PRED" v="NOT_LIKE"/>
            <list n="ARG_VALS">
               <string v="${it}"/>
""" }; println "";

Result search in file:///home/USER/.sqldeveloper/system3.2.09.30/o.sqldeveloper.

and substitute block

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