Sunday, June 9, 2013

Listen HitFM on Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora )

Listening HitFm from web page is not convenient as it force to open new browser window - that make inconvenience for window switching and .... .

1. Get URL for using it your Radio listen application

if you have problem with that url , it myght be that HitFm changed it, so go to press "Слушать радио", in newly appeared window look at links below "Слушайте Хiт FM у себя на компьютере:" copy URL from "Быстрый интернет (128 kb/s)"

2. I used default application in Ubuntu and Fedora - Rythmbox.
Add new radio by pressing "New Internet Radio Station ..." in context menu over "Radio" item in Library (left panel).

3. press "Play".

For Fedora be sure that you installed support for mp3 format, it is not installed by default - steps to install.
For Ubuntu you need to install Restricted codes(mp3,.....) " sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras".

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