Friday, September 6, 2013

Comparison web framework for rest api on scala

I did search for the best way to implement simple RESTfull Api service on JVM based technologies (not a node.js and "go" lang). Scala come up as good alternative, additional search shown a Lift framework that looks like popular between Scala community and a lot of posts recommend to do rest api on it, but ...

I met Alexy Khrabrov on one of Scala meetup, and he recommended me to take a look at project , that do show comparison of RESTful libraries and frameworks, and results are pretty interesting and shown that Lift is not ideal for performance demanding web services.

Just Java Servlet Api 3.0 show petty good performance - that make me think "Should I stay with Java? What can I benefit from Scala ?" :).

Useful stack-overflow discussions: discussion1, discussion2.

My final decision for deep investigation and try is spay:

Opposite results of performance:

Magic performance of Servlet Api 3.0 is due to "Java NIO (New I/O) API":

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