Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sevntu Checkstyle release 1.10.0

official page:

New and noteworthy:

New project! sevntu-checkstyle-sonar-plugin -  Project was created as extension to Sonar Checkstyle Plugin for SonarQube, How to use it is described here in detail and pictures, Done by Ruslan Diachenko. More.

New project! sevntu-checkstyle-idea-extension -  Project was created as extension for Checkstyle IDEA plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, How to use it  is described here in details and pictures, Done by Vadim Panasiuk. More.

Bug fixing and improvements in existing Checks: 

CustomDeclarationOrderCheck -  Inner Classes in methods are ignored. Done by Baratali Izmailov. More.

VariableDeclarationUsageDistanceCheck -  Update to ignore raising violation against block constructions/builders and methods with long list arguments, Done by Baratali Izmailov. More.

ConfusingConditionCheck -  Update to skip raising violations on sequential IF, Done by Vadim Panasiuk. More.

NoNullForCollectionReturnCheck -  Fix for NulPointerException, Done by Ilja Dubinin. More.

ForbidCertainImportsCheck -  additional field as Regexp for specifying ignored imports from forbidden, Done by Daniil Yaroslavtsev. More.

Updates in messages -  Done by Baratali Izmailov, Ilja Dubinin, Vadim Panasiuk. More.

General information:

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