Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I do not like about Scala

Here I will be focused on problems of Scala only, Scala have number of benefits too but that will be in other post. I look at Scala from Java experience.


- Strict in type but loose in syntax ( meaning of syntax is unpredictable )

- Recursive functions could not be transformed by tail recursion, see blog of Rich Dougherty

- lists append , you need to remember to keep first list smaller then second to avoid performance problems

- scala is like a math formula, great when all is logical and all understand math easily, but real live is far from math.

- synax is unreadable sometime, it is like perl.

- syntax meaning is depends on linked libraries

- implicit converts from perspective of human investigation of code, so IDE have to be smart. Example Stting to StringOps.

-what is the reason to use in maps ++ instead of addAll.

-switching from val to var could make immutable set haver operators like +=.

- Great !!! Paul Phillips is a co-founder of Typesafe and the most prolific committer to Scala. His talk is about  Scala problems: http://www.slideshare.net/extempore/a-scala-corrections-library

to be continued ....

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