Friday, March 6, 2015

Reason of checkstyle ideas rejection for GSoC 2015

Conversation between GSoC administration and Checkstyle :

<gsocbot> carols: Next in line is checkstyle with notice: checkstyle checkstyle
* kblin gives voice to checkstyle
* scorche|sh gives voice to checkstyle
<checkstyle> Hi Carol, please share your thoughts about our ideas page
<carols> actually, just looking it over, i think it looks great.
<carols> your application looks good too.
<checkstyle> Do you have any preference of size (number of sentences) of one idea description ? We had a challange to describe clearly and be not too wordy. 
<carols> unfortunately this was another numbers thing. :-(
<carols> i’m sorry that i don’t have a more satisfying answer than that
<carols> checkstyle: yes, my preference is always for more information over less
<carols> i would rather see you over-describe a topic than under-describe
<checkstyle> So we just unlucky this year , right ?
<carols> it helps the students
<carols> yes, unfortunately so :-(
<checkstyle> ok, thanks a lot !
<carols> i hope you’ll try again next year
<carols> you’re welcome

Some reason why many other organizations are failed to pass to GSoC 20015:
<carols> we got a lot of applications in a few specific topic areas where we had to reject a lot of orgs, and we also tried to make space for new organizations who have never participated before over accepting organizations who have been with us for a long time.
<carols> it’s always difficult, and unfortunately some orgs had wonderful ideas pages and applications and still didn’t make the cut.
<carols> yeah, ideas page looks good to me, and it looks like we just made a bunch of hard decisions this year.

Full log of IRC feedback meeting for rejected organizations for Google Summer of Code 2015. #gsoc on

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