Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sevntu Checkstyle release 1.13.0

Braking backward compatibility:
VariableDeclarationUsageDistanceCheck was moved to Checkstyle library . Author: Roman Ivanov
AbbreviationAsWordInNameCheck is transfered to Checkstyle library . Author: Roman Ivanov
New Check RequiredParameterForAnnotationCheck. Fixes #321 . Author: Andrew Uljanenko
New Check UselessSuperCtorCallCheck implemeted. Fixes #186 . Author: Alexey
New Check EmptyPublicCtorInClassCheck implemented. fixes #291 . Author: Alexey
New Check NameConventionForJunit4TestClassesCheck implemented. Fixes #80 . Author: Alexey
New Check UselessSingleCatchCheck implemented. issue #267 fixed . Author: Alexey
New Check: AvoidConditionInversion . #112 . Author: alexkravin
New Check: NestedSwitchCheck - Checking if there is no switch block inside other switch block.  Issue #249. Author: Damian Szczepanik
fix for NPE in ConfusingConditionCheck . Author: melodicwing
Fixed false positive in check ForbidReturnInFinallyBlockChech. Fixes #269 . Author: Andrew Uljanenko
Diamond operator - fixed violations on anonymous classes . Issue #270 . Author: alexkravin
Refactored prefixes, changed indentation of switch-case, issue #298 . Author: alexkravin
Moved test-input folder from src/test/java to src/test/resources . Author: alexkravin
no java6 support since 6.2 release . Author: Roman Ivanov
version 1.13.0 bump, java6, fixes for errors of m2e . Author: Roman Ivanov
Updated maximum line length to 100 symbols . Author: Daniil Yaroslavtsev
Small code changes and extended UT's. Fixes #317 . Author: Andrew Uljanenko
New test case added. Fixes #275 . Author: Andrew Uljanenko
New test case added. Fixes #274 . Author: Andrew Uljanenko
Extended javadoc, UTs. Fixed #264 . Author: Andrew Uljanenko
Code coverage improvement . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Short-circuit logic is used in boolean expressions, issue #169 . Author: Michal Kordas
Code coverage improvements for ReturnCountExtendedCheck . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved AvoidHidingCauseExceptionCheck code coverage . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved UselessSingleCatchCheck code coverage . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved AvoidDefaultSerializableInInnerClasses code coverage to 100% . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Fixes several Sonar violations . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Remove unused input for AvoidHidingCauseExceptionCheck . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Increase AvoidNotShortCircuitOperatorsForBooleanCheck code coverage Pull #324 . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Moved static duplicated methods into Utils class . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Sonar violation: Tabulation characters should not be used . Author: Damian Szczepanik
improved InterfaceTypeParameterNameCheck code coverage . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved UnnecessaryParenthesesExtendedCheck test coverage . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Fixed Sonar critical and major violations: - "static final" arrays should be "private" - "for" loop incrementers should modify the variable being tested in the loop's stop condition - Declarations should use Java collection interfaces such as "List" rather than specific implementation classes such as "LinkedList" . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Run cobentura with mvn check or mavn install and fail if code coverage criteria are not met. For new files we expect to have 100% code coverage, for older one that do not pass this rule we added some rules . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Added Utils class that has one method for reporting unsupported AST token . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Removed duplicate check for the empty list: first condition isEmpty() but then for-each which also skips iteration if list is empty . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Increase OverridableMethodInConstructorCheck code coverage: - Added more test cases (examples) - Replaced to Serializable/Clonable stirngs to Cloneable.class.getSimpleName() - Increase coverage by using true and false values of checkCloneMethod and checkReadObjectMethod . Author: Damian Szczepanik
MapIterationInForEachLoopCheck - Converted strings to .class.getName() - moved initialization to beginTree method . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved test coverity of EitherLogOrThrowCheck by: - adding new test with inner class - invoking setters method by setting attributes in test scenario . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved test coverity in ConfusingConditionCheck by setting default parameters in test case . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved coverage of AvoidDefaultSerializableInInnerClasses by importing full qualified class name Serializable (use . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved test coverity of class ChildBlockLengthCheckCheck by adding test for tested class . Author: Damian Szczepanik
Improved CustomDeclarationOrderCheck - Added tests to increase coverage - Fixed rule in test method - Fixed formatting (indents) . Author: Damian Szczepanik

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