Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 for Dell Vostro 1510

Dell Vostro 1510 with Ubuntu 11.10.

Critical problem that make may laptop unusable: due to hardware problem, the same problem on Windows.
tried to resolve problem by disassembling and switching off media keyboard, unfortunately media and power use the same power cable.

Quick installation of applications from

Good link for set-up and adjustments:

Additional packages:
synaptic (I need it because 'ubuntu software center' badly search for packages)
mplayer (required for goldendict sound pronunciation)

krusader (configure)

skype (failed to increase volume level for microphone, without "auto-adjust by Skype" in preferences I do not hear myself in test call, but work fine)

qutim (could not be activated from systray)
Registered by me against 0.3b:
"systray icon blinking always" -
"system tray please provide "Activate" in menu" -

libreoffice menu as global:
lo-menubar (to put menu in top panel)

empathy(alwas show contact in groups by account - very inconvenient pl ease vote for issues
( )

gnote (put in "Startup Applications" as command "gnote --systray" to not show main menu on launch

Download Russian/English Vocabulary


upzip it to /home/<USERNAME>/.goldendict/dic
download morphology from the same site (, and unzip pit to /home/<USERNAME>/.goldendict/morph
). And register it in  "Dictionaries" in tab Morphology.
Setup it to launch at StartUp Applications "/usr/bin/goldendict"
In Goldendict preferences select "start to system tray".
Setup pathes to dictionaries and morphology at Edit > Dictionaries menu.

GnomeDo (become not necessary as key Win/Super open menu and smart lookup is provided like in GnomeDo)

Thunderbird (plugins does not work from previous installation)
List of must have plugins:
Attention: Previous version a located at addon page at the bottom Group "Version information", link "See complete version history".

For Thunderbird 7 you need manually download appropriate addons:
or is good for making mail as not read in Sent folder to tread it like not answered.

Synaptic (still required as in Software Center is impossible to find nautilus extensions "nautilus-open-terminal", "nautilus-image-converter", "ooo-thumbnailer",.... without logout "nautilus -q")

gajim (allow be in system tray:::
gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['Skype', 'gnote', 'gajim']"
to get existing list of allowed applications:
gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist
after this do logout)

How to view CPU and memory in Systray:

How to remove user indicator in top panel:

How to show icons in main/context menu:
sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool
Launch "Advanced Settings", Theme group, "Menu Have Items" = "ON"

How to change shortcut for changing keyboard layout to Capslock:
Right click over language icon on top panel "Keyboard Preferences", "Options....", "Keys to change layout" = Capslock

Top panel - how to show menu always:

Development environment from Synaptic:
meld - Compare and merge your files
regexxer - Search and replace using regular expressions
kodos - Visual regular expression editor
xmlcopyeditor - cool xml viewer and editor for Linux

install packages from SPM:


Java - OpenJDK:

Still Problems:

Why Software Center can not open/launch application just after installation???!!!!

Problem with showing time in different locations. in 10.04 it was possible to show time in different locations. in 11.10 is possible too BUT by click over this time your change your location and time - occasional click and your time is changed.

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