Friday, November 11, 2011

Ubuntu how to install and setup Krusader for convenient work

Install krusader:
sudo apt-get install krusader

Launch krusader:
on first launch Krusader will offer to configure it or you can continue configuration in any time by
selecting menu Settings -> Configure Krusader.

For windows user I suggest select TotalCommander way of selection:  

specify gnome teminal: "gnome-terminal --geometry=150x30" or update default/unnamed profile in gnome-terminal settings
ATTENTION: in latest Krusader you need to put full path to executable - "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal"
Provide path to gnome sudo and diff tool. I use meld

 That is all. I recommend to open settings of internal editor and remove backups for file editing.
Select any text file in krusader panel, press F4. In window select menu "Settings->Configure Editor"


PS: for ubutnu 12.04 consider workaround to not uase backup-files on any file editing, page.
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hot keys for mouse-less usage :